Cancellation & Refund Policy

Why snowcat riding

Trip cancellation & medical insurance

Trip cancellation/interruption and medical travel insurance is the best for your peace of mind, and to avoid any financial hardship that an unexpected cancellation, interruption or medical emergency could cause, we strongly recommend travel insurance.

Vertical included, guarantees & refunds

Each day, we measure the vertical amount of skiing or riding you achieve in meters. The cost of your trip includes a certain amount of skiing and riding.

Vertical included

Every snowcat trip includes a certain amount of vertical meters based on the length of your trip,  and/or the program you’ve selected; this is referred to as Vertical Included.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about this is, ‘How likely is it that I’ll ski more than my Vertical Included and need pay for more metres?’ The answer is…it’s tough to say! It all depends on your group, the weather, the type of trip you’ve booked, etc. Broadly speaking, if you’re in a fast, hard-charging group that skis every single day to the absolute max from first ride to last, you’re more likely to go over. If you’re in a relaxed group or if you tend to come back to the hotel early, you’ll likely be under.

Vertical guarantee

We also guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to ski a predetermined number of vertical metres per trip. This is referred to as the Vertical Guarantee. It is minimum 2500 meters per day

If you do not reach your Vertical Guarantee due to operational factors such as an inability to ride due to poor weather or mechanical breakdown, we will provide you with a refund. The refund is calculated based on the difference between the Vertical Guarantee and the meters that you actually skied during your trip.

Eskimo will not issue refunds if you do not reach your Vertical Guarantee due to injury, illness, accidents, ski ability or personal choice, e.g., because you choose to stay at or return to the lodge and not ski).

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In early 90’s bunch of high school kids cruised vast Sarplanina Mountains in search of deep snow adventure. One of such adventure took us to unexplored part of the mountain where we had to build an igloo to spend the night.

Fifteen years later this was an inspiration to start the first snowcat operation in Europe, and name it “Eskimo”. After cruising World Mountains from Canada to Kamchatka and down to New Zealand we figured our childhood mountain offers perfect terrains for snowcat freeriding. We took a snowcat that’s best for the job, built a specific freeriding cabin and had a year of specialized training with experienced US and Canadian experts in avalanche avalanche safety, guiding and rescue procedures for mechanized operations. Since 2008 freeriders from around the world come to enjoy freeriding, culture and gastronomy of Macedonia, from students to business people and pro riders.

After gaining good experience, we concluded for good professional operation we need to have two machines. So now we have a second snowcat with cabin that offers not only more technical reliability, but equips us to reach much more terrains and pump more verticals on those perfect bluebird days.

Come to enjoy what we consider to be the best European mountains. We’ll take you to the peaks of exotic mountains with breathtaking scenery to ride an average of more then 4000 m vertical a day.