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Where is Eskimo Freeride, Macedonia?

Eskimo Freeride is in the Balkans, near the major North Macedonia ski destination of Popova Sapka.

Popova Sapka is situated in the Shar Mountains, north west of North Macedonia (previously known as FYROM – the former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia), 21km by road west of Tetovo city and 70km west of the capital, Skopje.

Skopje is accessed by plane through the impressively named Alexander the Great Airport. Upon request, Eskimo Freeride can organise direct private transfers from the airport to their cat skiing operation base at Hotel Arena Tetaks by taxi or van with the fee included in the cost of the tour. This option is highly recommended. Alternatively, you can arrange your own transport from Skopje to Popova Sapka – read on!

Flights into Skopje Alexander the Great Airport

The Skopje Alexander the Great International Airport is a modern facility 23km by road east of Skopje in Macedonia. During winter, flight destinations include all major cities in western Europe, England and Scandinavia plus Dubai and Doha in the Middle East and Istanbul, Turkey.

Daily flights to Skopje from any one origin city are limited. Daily flights exist from Vienna, Austria and offer the most convenience if travelling to Macedonia whilst already in Europe. Another useful major European airport is Zurich, with two airlines providing regular services to Skopje. Zurich was successfully utilised by the Powderhounds for our visit to North Macedonia. The middle eastern airports at Doha & Dubai can be useful if travelling from other international origins. See flight map here for Skopje origins and destinations.

Powderhounds recommends using either Austrian, Edelweiss or Germania airlines. These provide airlines provide better seating, luggage allowance, service & reliability – albeit for a slightly higher price!

To search for a great deal on a flight to Skopje, use one of our recommended flight search engines.


For all transfers to Popova Shapka & Eskimo Freeride, Powderhounds recommends using Eskimo Freeride to pre-arrange a private transfer direct to your hotel with the cost included in the tour.

Bus & Taxi Transport

For other transport options, local bus and taxi transport from the airport into Skopje is good. Vardar Ekspres runs regular bus services direct to the centre of Skopje for a princely sum. Taxi services from the airport are provided by the Airport Taxi Company and are heavily regulated with fixed prices to most destinations to avoid any issues for passengers. A taxi journey to Skopje will cost around €20.

Car Rental

If intended independent travel in North Macedonia, the Skopje airport is well served by numerous car rental and hire companies. Vehicles should be checked to ensure they are set up for winter driving (i.e. 4WD/AWD, snow tyres, chains). To search & book a rental car, use our recommended rental car search engine.