Safety & ability level

Safety & Ability level

Safety at Eskimo Freeride

The operators of Eskimo Freeride take the safety of their guests and staff so seriously that they became and associate member of HeliCat Canada – the world’s finest associations mechanized freeride operations.

Eskimo follow the high standards and procedures of the HeliCat Canada Association. The guides are professional and experts in the local terrain and snow conditions.

Terrain options exist for every type of snow & avalanche risk condition. Packages include full avalanche gear including airbags.

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In early 90’s bunch of high school kids cruised vast Sarplanina Mountains in search of deep snow adventure. One of such adventure took us to unexplored part of the mountain where we had to build an igloo to spend the night.

Fifteen years later this was an inspiration to start the first snowcat operation in Europe, and name it “Eskimo”. After cruising World Mountains from Canada to Kamchatka and down to New Zealand we figured our childhood mountain offers perfect terrains for snowcat freeriding. We took a snowcat that’s best for the job, built a specific freeriding cabin and had a year of specialized training with experienced US and Canadian experts in avalanche avalanche safety, guiding and rescue procedures for mechanized operations. Since 2008 freeriders from around the world come to enjoy freeriding, culture and gastronomy of Macedonia, from students to business people and pro riders.

After gaining good experience, we concluded for good professional operation we need to have two machines. So now we have a second snowcat with cabin that offers not only more technical reliability, but equips us to reach much more terrains and pump more verticals on those perfect bluebird days.

Come to enjoy what we consider to be the best European mountains. We’ll take you to the peaks of exotic mountains with breathtaking scenery to ride an average of more then 4000 m vertical a day.