Gear & packing

Gear & Packing

What to pack

The dress code is informal, so there’s no need to pack an extensive wardrobe.

Packing tips


We recommend that you dress in layers for skiing and riding. Layering provides better protection against the cold than wearing one large, heavier layer.

Boots as carry-on

Try to bring your boots as a carry-on item on the airplane. If your main luggage is lost or delayed, you’ll still be able to ski or ride!


Our Hotels use standard EU 220-volt electrical outlet. Please pack a voltage converter if you require one.

Last-minute shopping

If you forget something, you can buy equipment at Skopje city.


General equipment:

  • Ski or snowboard boots
  • Snow pants
  • Shell jacket with a warm layer underneath, or a one-piece suit
  • Goggles
  • Mitts or gloves
  • Wool hat/toque or helmet liner
  • Helmet
  • Multi-layer clothing for skiing – try to choose technical fabrics that wick away moisture, dry quickly and keep you warm
  • 3-4 pairs of comfortable, warm socks
  • Neck warmer or buff


In addition to the items in the above general packing list, please ensure you bring:

  • Snowboard boots
  • Snowboard (or you can reserve a board with us)
  • Collapsible poles for traversing (optional)
  • Spare snowboard parts (optional, but recommended)

Ski tourers (Ski Touring or Fusion trips):

  • Ski touring boots
  • Skins
  • Ski touring skis
  • Ski poles (adjustable style poles if possible)
  • Ski crampons to fit appropriate bindings
  • Softshell and or light waterproof breathable pants
  • Softshell jacket
  • Waterproof breathable jacket
  • Toque
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses with dark lenses and good coverage
  • Goggles
  • Waterproof breathable ski gloves
  • Lightweight fleece gloves
  • Thermos
  • Water bottle. Note: Bladder-style water systems are not recommended, as they may freeze with colder temperatures and leakage happens often!
  • Lightweight and medium weight base layers or long underwear
  • Backpack (approximately 40 litre / 10.5 gallon capacity)
  • Blister kit

At the Hotel:

  • Light workout clothes for morning warm-up class
  • Bathing suit for hot tub/sauna
  • Indoor shoes, sandals or slippers
  • Casual clothing for around the Hotel
  • Optional items: alarm clock, camera, electronics, chargers, voltage converter

What not to bring

Your room is stocked with:

  • Hand and body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Bathrobe
  • Towels
  • Hair dryer

Eskimo Freeride lorem ipsum

In early 90’s bunch of high school kids cruised vast Sarplanina Mountains in search of deep snow adventure. One of such adventure took us to unexplored part of the mountain where we had to build an igloo to spend the night.

Fifteen years later this was an inspiration to start the first snowcat operation in Europe, and name it “Eskimo”. After cruising World Mountains from Canada to Kamchatka and down to New Zealand we figured our childhood mountain offers perfect terrains for snowcat freeriding. We took a snowcat that’s best for the job, built a specific freeriding cabin and had a year of specialized training with experienced US and Canadian experts in avalanche avalanche safety, guiding and rescue procedures for mechanized operations. Since 2008 freeriders from around the world come to enjoy freeriding, culture and gastronomy of Macedonia, from students to business people and pro riders.

After gaining good experience, we concluded for good professional operation we need to have two machines. So now we have a second snowcat with cabin that offers not only more technical reliability, but equips us to reach much more terrains and pump more verticals on those perfect bluebird days.

Come to enjoy what we consider to be the best European mountains. We’ll take you to the peaks of exotic mountains with breathtaking scenery to ride an average of more then 4000 m vertical a day.