What to expect from your day


Almost every freeride skiing destination takes a bit of effort to get to and connecting flights, transfers and jet lag mean you are unlikely to at your best on day 1. There is a saying  – “slow is fast”, meaning if you want to go fast, don’t rush. Start your trip by giving yourself time and rest.

Arrival will be followed by signing waivers, attending safety briefings and transceiver training and ski fitting/snowboard fitting. Day 1 can be a slightly slower start if these didn’t all get done the previous evening, but don’t stress – you’ll have more than enough opportunity to give your legs a workout.

Key to success is listening carefully, being organised and getting your gear ready– so that your first day isn’t spent cold, on the wrong skis, struggling with a dark lens in flat light, getting sunburnt or being admonished by your guide for not following instructions.

Take plenty of layers with you and start with them on. You can always stash them in your pack or snowcat but there are no toasty mountain restaurants in snowcat skiing, and you won’t be in the snowcat for long, so dress for a full day outside.

Don’t rush, but also, don’t be late! Everyone is raring to go and nobody likes a faffer, so lay out your gear the night before, give yourself time to get ready and get to the ski room early in case you do forget something.

Don’t risk injury by going too hard too soon. Ending any ski holiday early is hard to swallow but being unable to ski on a dream trip is unthinkable. If your legs are burning on a run, stop in a safe spot to catch your breath. You’ll enjoy your turns all the way down and be less likely to fall, waste time, energy and risk injury.

Don’t obsess over weather forecasts – in fact, don’t even worry about them. They are often wrong in the mountains. The weather will be what it will be and guides are very good at finding the best skiing available, whatever the weather throws at you.

By all means, have a drink or two at the bar, but keep in mind that you are here to ski and some of the best days can be had in the trees when snow is dumping, so even if a forecast isn’t looking promising, our advice is to ensure you wake up fresh, just in case.

Arrival day

  • Welcome greeting at the hotel reception
  • Get orientated and settled in your room
  • Lunch
  • Relax before dinner – pool, sauna
  • Dinner
  • Safety Briefing ( 20:30 or 8:00 in the morning if you arrive late evening/night)

Skiing days

  • Breakfast 7:00-9:00
  • Gear-up and head out skiing 8:30-9:00
  • Lunch in the field (Picnic Macedonian meze)
  • More skiing in the afternoon
  • Return to the hotel 15:30-16:00PM
  • Relax before dinner – hot tub, massage, sauna
  • Dinner 19:00

Departure Day

  • Pack your bags ready for departure
  • Breakfast
  • Skiing
  • Goodbye and farewell
  • Depart the Hotel 17:00-18:00